Monday, February 1, 2010

Ways & Means Testimony!?

The hidden hand - you just never know.

I got a Google Alert yesterday that my name had come up in a House Ways and Means hearing last June. Scratched my head, followed the leads, and sure 'nuff, there it is, my blog post from last June, when I was in Hawaii and gave myself the task of figuring out Health Reform, and how insurance companies made their money, and how the process would change under the Health Insurance Exchange, and how important the Public Option might be. Figured it out as best I could, wrote it down, entered blogosphere, felt good, a few people liked it, on to other things.

Then, here it is!,

I wondered if Don Madison had passed it on to Jon Oberlander who passed it on, but Don says no. Maybe it was Phil Lee. Just don't know.

What a hidden hand!

Love it.

Budd Shenkin

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