Monday, November 7, 2022

On The Eve Of The Midterm Elections


Our traditions of fairness and compassion will not go away overnight.  The threats are terrible; the threateners are horrible; the Republicans are at best timorous and opportunistic.  But as bad as it all seems, I'm betting against their being successful, ultimately.  We are all used to the basics of American life, and most people will miss them if they're gone.  We don't have brown shirts, and I don't think we will.

The biggest problem I see is how weak the Democratic party is, how feckless, how old.  They haven't paid attention to threats, they haven't done the basic work, they have mediocre personnel, and they are so old and encrusted.  You can't replace something with nothing, and I agree, the extreme left is a problem -- not their policies, many of which I agree with, but the people, so many of whom just curl with resentments.  And as an organization, The Democrats have not taken proper advantage of their strongest members - we just see them on TV now and then, but the old tired warhorses run the place.  So, my hopes are tempered by that organizational problem -- if it were a stock, you certainly wouldn't buy it, as it is now. 

But I think something will happen, many things will happen, and we'll come out of it, even if this election is a total disaster, which it probably won't be, but it could.  As for anti-Semitism, there is just too much widespread support for fairness and acceptance, just all over the place.  Here's just one example - sports on TV speaking out.  When you have this kind of support, I think we're in good shape.  The anti-Semites are total loser outliers, and I am very optimistic about the culture.

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